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The official ITF IIC book authored by Grand Masters Marano, Trajtenberg and Bos.

Title: The Art of Taekwon-Do ITF

3rd Edition, May 2015 (English version)

248 pages : format 28x20cm


From the front cover flap:

This book contains the 24 patterns as designed by General Choi Hong Hi and the intent has been to standardize the pattern movements.

The main idea is to facilitate an understanding and provide a clear interpretation of the patterns just as they are presented every year at the courses taught by these great masters.

Furthermore, the information which complements the pattern techniques within is an essential part of the masters' point of view, as they see how the theory and technical details of each movement awaken increasing interest among practitioners and requires maximum attention.

Therefore we hope that all TaeKwon-Do practitioners enjoy the contents within.

Our aim in publishing this book is not to provide new material - as this wonderful art was already moulded in 1955 - but rather to contribute to a deeper and more understanding of Taekwon-Do ITF, a goal which will bring the greatest possible satisfaction to its authors.


From the rear cover flap:

This book was written by the foremost authorities in Taekwon-Do ITF, who made up the first Technical Committee appointed by the International Taekwon-Do Federation back in 2003.

All of them hold the top rank of 9th degree Black Belt in this art and have acquired many years of international teaching experience, sharing with practitioners their experience gained over 40 years.

Grand Master Héctor Marano is the current Chairman of the International Taekwon-Do Federation Technical Committee, where he provides all his technical knowledge to participants in the IICs which are taught around the world.  He at present also holds the post of the National Association President in Argentina.

Grand Master Wim Bos is also a member of the Technical Committee and one of the most outstanding coaches of our time.  Besidies this he is known for continuously improving and implementing tournament regulations which have resulted in bringing ITF World Tournaments to a new level of professionalism.

Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg is the current International Taekwon-Do Federation President and a prominent Taekwon-Do Instructor.  He has many students as black belts with over ten 7th and 8th degree Black Belt Masters as his direct students.